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Qu'est-ce qu'une licorne dans une relation ?

Qu'est-ce qu'une licorne dans une relation ?

Qu'est-ce qu'une licorne dans une relation ?

Are you wondering what is a unicorn in a relationship? Unicorns are legendary animals who are generally represented as white horses with a spiralling horn on their foreheads. Yet, did you know that unicorns aren’t simply seen in fairy tales? 

In reality, they’ve made their way into the complex realm of relationships, where their appeal and enigma are just as enticing. So, what exactly is a unicorn in a relationship? 

Grab a cup of tea and join me as we explore the enthralling world of romance unicorns.

Unravel the mysteries: what is a unicorn in a relationship?

To put it simply, a unicorn in a relationship refers to a person who joins an existing couple to establish a three-way romantic connection, frequently referred to as a “triad” or a “throuple”. This individual is often open-minded, sexually adventurous, and non-threatening to the primary couple’s relationship. Unicorns are often bisexual, making them the ideal match for both couples.

The allure of relationship unicorns

You might be wondering what it is about unicorns that makes them so appealing in relationships. Here are some of the reasons why some couples find them so appealing:

  • Excitement and variety: Unicorns may provide a touch of spice and originality to a relationship, keeping things new and fascinating.
  • Emotional and sexual fulfilment: A unicorn can give an outlet for certain couples to explore unsatisfied needs and fantasies.
  • Enhanced intimacy: Sharing a unicorn encounter can bring a couple closer together, developing a stronger emotional connection.

Challenges in unicorn relationships

Unicorn partnerships, despite their obvious benefits, are not all rainbows and butterflies. Couples and unicorns may confront the following difficulties:

  • Limits and expectations: Establishing and maintaining clear boundaries can be tough since both parties must be on the same page about the dynamics of the relationship.
  • Jealousy and insecurity: Bringing a unicorn into a relationship may cause the spouses to feel envious or insecure.
  • Power imbalance: The primary pair may have more power in the partnership, which can make the unicorn feel like they aren’t as important.

How to find a unicorn for your relationship

Bringing a unicorn into your relationship may be exciting because it offers up a world of new experiences, emotional connections, and sexual experimentation. But how does one go about locating a unicorn for their relationship? We’ve got you covered with a full tutorial on how to begin this fascinating journey!

It’s critical to have a solid foundation with your spouse before embarking on your unicorn hunt. These are some important actions to take:

Talk about your motivations and expectations.

  • Consider your desires: Examine why you’re looking for a unicorn and make sure both partners are on board with the notion.
  • Set ground rules: Define what is and isn’t acceptable in your unicorn relationship.
  • Prepare for probable difficulties: Discuss possible difficulties, such as envy, and establish management solutions.

Build an eye-catching internet profile

Unicorns are rare and elusive creatures, so putting your best foot forward online can help you succeed:

  • Pick a platform: Choose a dating platform that is tailored to your individual needs, such as polyamorous or open relationship websites and apps.
  • Be open and honest: To attract unicorns who share your interests, clearly describe your aims and expectations on your profile.
  • Use high-quality photographs: Display your personality and relationship as a pair with engaging and real pictures.

Going on a unicorn hunt: Where to look

Now that you’re ready, it’s time to go out and locate that elusive unicorn. Here are a few areas to begin your search:

Online dating platforms

Websites for polyamorous and open relationships: These platforms cater exclusively to people looking for non-monogamous relationships, making them a perfect hunting ground for unicorns.

Some unicorns may be lurking on popular dating apps like Tinder or OkCupid, but be prepared to wade through a sea of non-unicorn profiles.

Meetups & events in your area

Meetups for polyamorous or open relationships: Attend local events or join online organisations to meet like-minded people and possible unicorns.

Sex-positive seminars and events: These meetings might allow you to meet sexually curious people who could be interested in joining a relationship as a unicorn.

Make use of your social network

Acquaintances and friends: While it may feel awkward at first, you never know who in your social circle could be interested in being your unicorn.

Internet forums: Join related forums or médias sociaux groups to grow your network and maybe find a unicorn.

How to be a unicorn in a relationship

Being a unicorn in a relationship may be a wonderful and satisfying experience, with potential for unique emotional connections, sexual experimentation, and personal growth. But how can you become a unicorn while while navigating the challenges of the role? Prepare to embrace your magical side as we lead you into the enigmatic realm of romance unicorns.

Before delving into the role of a unicorn, it is critical to grasp the attributes and characteristics that distinguish a unicorn:

Flexibility and open-mindedness

  • Accept non-traditional relationship structures: Because you’ll be entering an established pair as a unicorn, you should be open to unusual dynamics.
  • Adapt to various personalities: Understanding and adjusting to each individual’s distinct characteristics is required for successfully navigating a relationship with two partners.

Emotional maturity and independence

  • Cultivate self-awareness: To guarantee a healthy and rewarding relationship, be aware of your desires, limits, and triggers.
  • Keep emotional stability: It’s critical for unicorns to regulate their emotions and preserve a sense of autonomy.

Discretion and respect

  • Respect the couple’s boundaries: Respect their existing connection and avoid creating stress or envy.
  • Be discreet: Keep the facts of your connection hidden, as non-traditional partnerships may not be accepted by everyone.

The unicorn’s journey: Navigating the relationship

You will confront unique challenges and expectations as a unicorn. Here are some pointers to help you succeed in your role:

Define limits and expectations

  • Open communication: Discuss your requirements, objectives, and limitations with the couple to ensure that everyone is on the same page.
  • Establish the relationship: Determine if the agreement is temporary, long-term, or something in between.

Establish trust and emotional bonds

  • Encourage individual connections: Develop meaningful ties with each partner to deepen the triad’s link.
  • Keep channels of communication open: Check in with each partner on a regular basis to resolve problems and maintain confidence.
  • Emphasise self-care and personal development
  • Maintain your well-being by meeting your emotional, mental, and physical requirements both inside and outside of the relationship.
  • Personal interests should be pursued: Keep your interests and social contacts to maintain your feeling of individuality and independence.

Tips for successful unicorn relationships

If you’re thinking about getting into a unicorn relationship, here are some things to consider:

  • Une communication ouverte et honnête: Ensure that both partners are upfront about their wants, desires, and boundaries from the start.
  • Maintain emotional control: Recognise and resolve any feelings of jealously or insecurity before they become greater problems.
  • Put the unicorn’s well-being first: Treat the unicorn as an equal spouse, with the same feelings and needs as the primary pair.

Final thoughts on unicorn relationships

You can boost your chances of success by discussing freely with your spouse and exploring multiple paths for your quest. Because unicorns are uncommon and sought-after creatures, patience and tenacity are essential. 

Above all, ensuring that after you’ve found your unicorn, you establish a loving, respectful, and supportive atmosphere for them, building a harmonic and fulfilling triad connection. Therefore, brace yourself for an exciting voyage, and may you meet the magical unicorn who will bring sparkle and enchantment to your relationship!

Questions fréquemment posées

What is a unicorn in a relationship?

A unicorn in a relationship is a person who enters into a three-way romantic relationship with an existing couple, frequently being open-minded, sexually adventurous, and non-threatening to the primary couple’s connection.

Are unicorn relationships common?

Unicorn romances, while not as widespread as conventional couples, have received increased attention and acceptability in recent years.

Is a unicorn relationship right for me and my partner?

Only you and your partner can determine whether or not a unicorn relationship is for you. When seeking a unicorn relationship, consider your interests, limits, and willingness to face any issues.

How can I find a unicorn for my relationship?

Begin by discussing your motives and expectations with your spouse, then create an appealing web profile and look for possible unicorns through various online and offline channels.

What challenges might I face as a unicorn?

Managing emotions, retaining individuality, and negotiating the nuances of a relationship with two partners are all potential obstacles.

What challenges might I face as a unicorn?

To develop a joyful and successful triad relationship, communicate honestly, emphasise self-care, and maintain strong individual relationships with each partner.

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